We provide a free initial wedding consultation, where your flower requirements will be discussed in detail to establish your personal style choices. If you have ideas for colours, a theme or suggestions for the style and look that you’d like to achieve, this is a great opportunity to explore and discuss these.


You will receive an estimate for your wedding flowers within one week of the consultation. Prices of flowers vary depending on the type of flower and the time of year. This is taken into account when calculating prices for each client individually. We will endeavour to work to your budget, and find a way to achieve the look you want at a price that suits you.

We make your dream come true!

We will visit your chosen venue with you, so that we can understand exactly what you’re dreaming of.

Only the freshest flowers of the highest quality will be used for your wedding and our designs will reflect everything we’ve discussed. Whether you want something unusual or particular, or if you want something traditional or simple, every wedding is different and we relish that challenge.

How do I choose my wedding flowers? I don’t know where to begin!

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it! There are thousands upon thousands of choices. The best thing is to do is simply start gathering images of any flowers, bouquets or arrangements that catch your eye. You don’t have to love them – but if they catch your eye, there must be a reason why. We highly recommend using Pinterest for this purpose. In the consultation, we’ll explore all the images you’ve saved and discuss each one. We’ll work out what’s important to you, establish whether there’s a theme running through your choices and start designing something beautiful for you. The images you save will be a springboard for the consultation!

What happens in a consultation?

If you live locally to this area, we usually go to our clients’ homes or we can meet somewhere else if you’d prefer this – perhaps at your venue. We’ll spend a good couple of hours with you, and go through hundreds of images with you, discussing each one. We’ll be writing down every little relevant thing you say, and this way, we get to know you, understand your style, the things you like and just as importantly, the things you don’t like. We don’t want you to use any jargon and there are no right or wrong things to say. Your wedding flowers are about making you happy so the more emotional your descriptions (‘I love that!’ or ‘I don’t like that spiky arrangement’), the better understanding we’ll have of your requirements. We’ll be keeping your budget in mind throughout the consultation and will help guide you as to what’s available, what’s suitable for the style you’d like to achieve and what you can afford. By the end of the consultation, we’ll have put a brief together for you that fits your budget and style.

When will we receive an estimate?

Following the consultation, we will  prepare your estimate and send a hard copy by 1st class post with 1 week of the consultation (this may take slightly longer during peak wedding season) so you receive something lovely to get excited about in the post! You may want to make some changes and all future estimates will be emailed to you.

What if we want to make changes to our order?

It’s very normal for your order to change. Most clients have 4-5 estimates in total, as their guest numbers will change (and therefore, so does the quantity of table centre required) or they’ll simply have a new idea or realised they forgot a button hole for Uncle So-and-so! We’re happy to make changes and be as flexible as we can.

How much do wedding flowers cost?

There’s no one set price as the prices of flowers vary on a daily basis. We will work to your budget and have all sorts of tricks up our sleeves to keep the costs down for you, but will only be able to work out a price for you once we’ve spoken to you in depth about your requirements.

We prepare wedding flowers for all sorts of budgets – from £500 to £5000+, but an average wedding (with a bit of everything – for example, bride’s bouquet, 3-5 bridesmaids’ bouquets, 8-10 button holes, a couple of corsages, 8-10 table centres, a few pew ends, 1 or 2 large arrangements) is usually around £1200-1600. A lower cost wedding can still include most things an average/larger wedding has but we will work around things to keep costs down and will always strive to work with you to meet your budget. The prices of flowers vary throughout the year and we take this into account when working out your estimate.

What are we ‘supposed’ to have for our wedding flowers? What do other people have?

We can’t stress enough that there are no rules! It’s your wedding and you should have whatever you want. However, we know that it’s not always that simple! Here’s a basic list of standard items most people order:

  • Bride’s bouquet
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Flower Girls’ posies
  • Hair decorations
  • Button Holes (usually for the Groom, Best Man, Ushers, Fathers of the couple and any other close male friends or relatives)
  • Corsages (like feminine button holes) for the mothers of the couple and any other important female friends or relatives
  • Table centrepieces
  • Top table flowers
  • Ceremony decorations
  • Pew ends
  • Cake flowers
  • Scatter petals
  • ‘Thank you’ gift bouquets to hand out in speeches
  • Archway flowers/garlands/bespoke arrangements designed especially for the venue

Do you always visit the wedding venue with every client?

Not always, no. If you’re getting married in a venue we know well, there’s no need as we’ll have decorated it many times and probably know every nook and cranny of it! If it’s a wedding venue we’re not so familiar with, or if you require particular or unusual flower arrangements, we’re happy to come along and meet you there to visualise your big day and see what we can do for you.

What happens on our wedding day?

On your wedding day, we’ll set up at your venue a few hours before your ceremony. We’ll then bring the Bride’s bouquet and other wedding party flowers to the Bride, usually a couple of hours before the ceremony. We’re happy to liaise with your venue if necessary and fit in around times the Bride might be elsewhere having her hair done. We’re flexible on this and will work around times to suit you. All bouquets are transported in water to ensure their freshness and longevity for your big day.

Can we move arrangements around on the day?

Yes – if your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, this is very normal and every venue does it. Some of your table centres might be used to decorate the ceremony and then moved to the wedding breakfast, for example. It’s a great way to keep costs down.

What if it’s snowing and you can’t get to us on the day?

We will endeavour to meet our commitments and do everything in our power to overcome any problems. We fit winter tyres on our delivery van in the winter months when there is a risk of snow and will do all we can to get your flowers to you and your venue.

What about vases, containers, candelabra, pedestal stands, etc?

If you require vases, containers or candelabra, we can recommend some very reasonable suppliers or hire companies. We can get them on your behalf if you wish, but it’s usually much cheaper for you to get them yourselves. These would need to be delivered to us at least 1 week prior to your event.

For pedestal stands, we hire these out for a deposit and a small fee and ask that you return them to us after your wedding.

How and when do we pay for our wedding flowers to secure the booking?

A 20% deposit is required to book Florescence to prepare your wedding flowers. This is payable as soon as possible and we also ask that you both sign and complete an Agreement Form to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your wedding.  

Payments can be made by online transfer or we can take Visa or Mastercard over the phone. Receipts will be provided for all payments made.

Do you supply flowers for and support gay weddings?

Absolutely! Spread the love and get married!